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Jason Webb, a Pastor from Milwaukee, Explains Why Mistakes are Valuable and Inevitable how we can learn from them

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Everyone makes mistakes. It is part of existing as a person and is completely normal. That being said, it is easy to get wrapped up in your mistakes, especially if you feel guilt, shame, or fear of the consequences. In this article, a pastor and public speaker from Milwaukee, Jason Webb, offers an insight into why mistakes are valuable and how we can learn from them.

To Err is to Be Human
As cliche as it is, this statement is incredibly accurate. Part of being human is to make mistakes. It is entirely inevitable because humans are, as a part of their nature, not perfect. God recognized this and offered up his son, Jesus, to cleanse the world's collective sins and offer a chance at redemption.

As stated in Acts 2:38, "And Peter said to them, Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins, and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

This is a powerful statement that directly shows that while humans may sin and make mistakes, there is always hope for redemption and righting the path if one is willing to learn from their errors.

While making mistakes is inevitable, there is always an option to learn and strive to do better. Learning from mistakes is a way to grow personally and begin to become closer to Christ and create a stronger bond with His teachings.

There is a way to learn and cultivate better habits and decision-making to ensure that you do not repeat the errors over and over again. These methods are excellent in creating a pathway to better yourself as a whole and make yourself a better tool for Christ to use.

Guide Others
Having experienced downfalls and issues in life, you can be a more impactful tool to help others. People across the world are making the same errors you once did or are in the process of beginning to make them.

You can use your experience to help others and provide guidance to your friends to assist them in becoming closer to Christ and better in life, as well. This cycle of healing and better decision-making can prove to be incredibly impactful not only for your loved ones but on others, as well, creating a powerful butterfly effect.

Back Down to Earth
It is incredibly easy to develop a strong ego. When this happens, we are setting ourselves up to fail. We create situations where our inflated sense of self-perfection makes us more prone to slipping up in significant ways.

As said in Proverbs 11:2, "When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom."

Sometimes, if we are not already humble, being humbled by an error is just the thing we need to come back down to Earth and start working on ourselves as we should have been all along.

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