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Jason Webb, Public Speaker from Milwaukee, Launches a YouTube Channel

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A public speaker, entrepreneur, movement leader and an advocate of racial reconciliation, Jason Webb from Milwaukee, launches a YouTube channel.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN , USA, July 27, 2020 / -- A public speaker, entrepreneur, movement leader and an advocate of racial reconciliation, Jason Webb from Milwaukee, is now set to take on YouTube. Over the last 18 years, Mr. Webb has had numerous achievements and has always pushed and aimed for more. Starting from establishing churches and non-profit organizations worldwide, he has handled mergers and acquisitions and has managed budgets and teams overseas. He has worked hard to raise millions of dollars by leading campaigns and even raised $12.5 million at his last organization. Mr. Webb has worked with organizations in the US, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Peru, and various other countries.

Jason Webb started his journey with a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University and a Master of Divinity from Trinity International University, where he graduated summa cum laude. He uses his excellent skills in public speaking, communication, leadership, fundraising, and networking to raise money for the community and build leaders of tomorrow. As he once said, “My biggest professional accomplishment is the leaders I’ve developed and seen them then flourish in their different places of work.” His great command of public speaking has motivated and changed hundreds of people all around the world.

Jason Webb has always believed that love for God is the most important thing for him, and is the main reason for his success. He believes that his spiritual journey has been extremely important for leadership. His deep passion to change the world for better motivates him to work every day. And it's this passion, hard work, and eagerness to witness a change in people’s lives that has led him to where he is today. Mr. Webb has been a pastor, teacher, and team manager, but his goal has always been to see a change in people’s lives and build leaders.

After spending over 18 years speaking in public and building organizations all over the world, Jason Webb is now ready to begin his journey on YouTube. With the aim of reaching a greater audience and being accessible to everyone, Mr. Webb has decided to use YouTube as his next platform. If you have never been able to hear him speak in public before, you will now always be able to do so now on YouTube. With this step, Jason Webb hopes to reach people not only in Milwaukee but in all parts of the world at once, as he believes leaders are everywhere; we just have to recognize and train them. With his videos of leadership, motivation, and life skills, he hopes to witness bigger changes in more people’s lives soon.

About Jason Webb
Jason Webb is a gifted fundraiser and entrepreneur from Milwaukee with a track record of leading multimillion-dollar campaigns around the world. He has helped start, lead, and mobilize volunteers for domestic and international non-profit organizations. Mr. Webb is a movement leader and a devoted advocate for racial reconciliation. He recently started working as Team Manager and Groups Director for Great Lakes Church.

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